©Birgit Krippner 2011

I am an architect.  I’m also a photographer.  Not one more than or before the other.

A simple camera was in my hand from a very early age, long before I became an architect, and a demarcation between the two has never existed.

The photographer and architect have in common an observation and response to their surroundings.  I use the camera to frame or constrain an idea in much the same way as the forming of an architectural parti or chief organising thought.

Accordingly, subjects of interest are often not singularly practical, beautiful or ideal.  In the banal I often find more personally useful connections to my context/s. 

Ashley Cox         February 2011

Works Exhibited in: Hawke’s Bay Invitational 2011 Curated by Helen Kedgley:

Ashley Cox is a Wellington based architect with a long-standing photographic practice. Interest in photography began as a child when his father gave him ex-demonstration 35mm camera and access to unlimited expired film stock. The limiting factor was the conditional acceptance of the developing costs – whether or not there was any result.

His often large-scale prints of the built and natural environment reflect his interest in Robert Smithson’s theory of site/non-site, the alignment of architectural form and painterly image.

Within this medium, he re-frames subjects, often conflating scale, texture and light in the pursuit of a presence of absence.

Pointe 300x450mm C41 print ©Ashley Cox 2011

Flock 450x300mm C41 print ©Ashley Cox 2011
Works Exhibited in: Hawke's Bay Invitational 18 April - 15 June, 2008

 200% 650x400mm C41 print ©Ashley Cox 2011

Marginal Terrain Black Barn Gallery 5 - 28 January, 2006

Displacement 1800x800mm C41 Lambda print on composite panel ©Ashley Cox 2011

Division 800x800mm C41 Lambda print on composite panel ©Ashley Cox 2011

Miniscus 1800x800mm C41 Lambda print on composite panel ©Ashley Cox 2011